website bug

From any search page in the site, the link to the Manual (under Documentation) doesn’t work because it’s using an outdated menu bar. It links to manual.php, which does not exist. There could also be other similar problems within the search pages.

Example URL with the problem:

I didnd find a bug

All looks like this


I don’t know where you got that page, Martin. From the URL I provided, mouse over the Documentation part of the menu bar, and select Manual in the dropdown. It redirects me to a nonexistant page.

I’m using Safari, in case that makes a difference.

Ah got it. Sorry

That page also redirects you too the old API reference…

On a side note:
I still use 1.0.5 for the time being, so I was wondering if this link could stay active

I also think its important to keep the old refernence while 1.1 isn’t the “official” version.
Another Question: Is there a chance to get the new documentation in the style of the old one


Unfortunately not. The old documentation was generated by a program called “epydoc.” However, epydoc worked by importing all the panda files. Panda has always had a lot of side effects on import, and this always made epydoc an iffy process, but it got a lot worse with 1.1. Basically, it’s hopeless to try to use epydoc any more. So I had to write a brand new documentation generator. Which, as it stands, isn’t quite up to the level of epydoc.

  • Josh

Thanks for the info.
In which language have you write the documentationgenerator?

Python. It’ll be included in the next panda release. It’s not very complicated.

Can you please send me the source code. Maybe I have the time and the knowledge to rewrite it if you allow. Because I think the old documentation was easier to use.
Is it wanted that in the manual not every page have a “top” link?


The latest version is in CVS. Last I saw, it was in direct/src/directscripts/, but I believe that david has been rearranging a little bit, so he may have moved it.

  • Josh

Can I run the for the installed Panda or does this script only works if I check out the sources from CVS?