Is it possible to make a program run in a browser?

In theory. It’s hard. No one’s done it yet.


It depends heavily on what you WANT to do.

Its not hard to allow apache to handle python scripts. Python can be modified to run Panda3D. I have such an setup up and running.

However, when you want to do more than just generate a single image or use Panda’s collision/object system in the background, you need to do a lot of research on your own.

As stated: Noone else played around with that sort of stuff till now. But you can - for example - generate a scene, make a screenshot and link/embed that screenshot in a website you generate.

But note that Panda3D needs quite some time (and ressources) to start up. Cold calling is somewhat senseless because of that.
When you take that into account, you need an all time running Panda3D-Instance and communicate with that process (for example using pyro). This is faster, but involves quite a lot of knowledge about programming.

Hope, that gives a more clear view on that topic. :slight_smile:

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Thx 4 replying

well i mean a full…on…game…i’m doomed ain’t I?

A.) what the crap is apache,and does this question make me look stupid.(most likely yes)

B.)and when you say time and resources does that mean i cant save executable’s?

if i find a way i will certainly inform everyone.

ps.If possible, i am 11 so…laymans terms where applicable.(not too much tho, i am not…normal to say)

I won’t say you’re doomed, just that nobody has ever tried it yet. Or you need to look at a different engine which is built do do such things (like jME)

A) Apache is the mostly used web server software.

B) No, that is unrelated. The problem is that you can’t run an .exe inside a web browser (at least not that I’m aware of).
What he meant is that Panda3D takes a bit RAM and quite some CPU to start up. If you have already 100 players it gets kind of slow for the web server to render for all of the players. So you might be better off looking for something client-sided, such as Flash, Java or Silverlight.

then meybe i could do downloads!!

Brilliant,and thanks,everybody kept saying apache and i didnt understand.

But if i am correct disney and all their crap*is run in browser :confused:

Thanks 4 the help!

*not the programmers fault, just doin his job

When most people say “run in browser”, they usually mean the application appears in a little rectangle within the browser window, where all of the browser controls are still visible all around it. Virtually all Flash games work like this, for instance.

Neither Disney’s Toontown Online nor Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Online “run in a browser” in that way. Both of them are separate applications that can be downloaded and launched from the browser, but they run separately. (There are no browser controls visible while the games are running. Furthermore, once the game is started, you can exit the browser, and the game will continue running on its own.)

You can easily write programs like this using the Panda tools provided. Several people have already done this.


off course you can made it… but i thing it must be complicated structure… Now a days is very much source, you can try and build the game by java applet i thing… some of my admin forum on goldenstudios.or.id have develop the game engine by java. You can convert it to applet with easy by lil learning :slight_smile:

Good luck…