Web Plugin External Communication

I’m just wondering is there a way to communicate with the external container of a .p3d file… like with javascript inside of the html wrapper? If not I understand but was just wondering if it was possible? If not then I can just use a HTTP connection was just curious.

Yes. It is all documented in the manual; see “Advanced scripting techniques”.


Thanks I had looked in the manual but in the section on the plugin … thanks again

For some reason the RunPanda3D.js file doesn’t seem to work with Safari? I am a wrong about this? or is there some change I can make to the file?

Works fine in Safari for me. Can you tell me more about the problems you are having?


Well it was running just fine when I was using the object tags. Since I was going to write a bunch of javascript myself I figured it would be better to use the RunPanda3D.js and now I get just a white-screen on Safari both in mac and windows. Yet IE and Firefox display it just fine here is where I have it posted:

Thanks for any help you can give

I get a 404 on flex.openswimsoftware.com/omega13/panda3d.p3d .


You will my hosting provider does 404 errors on non-Web files to stop people from downloading them with out permission… trust me it is there… try it in IE or Firefox and it should load

How can the plugin download what the web server doesn’t provide? That’s why I’m unable to view it in my own web browser. I can’t see it in Firefox either. I don’t know how can be that you see it.


It allows the file to be run from the HTML but not the file to be directly accessed… does the same thing for images… so you can show the image in your page but not download the image from the server… and your right i can’t see it any more… i think i messed it up when trying to fix it give me a sec

Ok it is back to the way it was … works in firefox again but still not in safari… and sorry … was my bad shouldn’t have been playing with the files when you were looking at them

You are attempting to embed the plugin in the part of the document, which isn’t legal. It should appear in the part of the document.


I moved the tag to the body but it still won’t run… also… it says in the manual to do it the way I had it…just wondering if that is an error in the manual that needs to be corrected… or am I reading it wrong…


The manual says:

<script src="RunPanda3D.js" language="javascript"></script>

should be in the head, while:

<script language="javascript">
P3D_RunContent('data', 'myapp.p3d', 'id', 'myapp_id',
    'width', '640', 'height', '480')

should be in the body.

Now you have both of them in the area between and , which is completely wrong.


Got it you said I had something in head that I wasn’t supposed to where as the plugin script was just in-between the two. Works great now… much thanks