Web Deployment

Hi All,

Is there a source of information to learn about deploying a Panda based game over the web? (i.e. similar to ToonTown or Pirates On-Line)

Thanks in advance!

ToonTown or Pirates On-Line are internet MMORPG they are not deployed over “web” which is mostly HTTP type browser access which is small part of all internet (bit torrent is the largest player on the internet not HTTP).

But this leads me puzzled weather you mean the websites of ToonTown or Pirates On-Line or the fact that Pirates run in a web-browser like player or maybe you are asking about running panda as a cgi program to generate images for HTML pages.

But here you ask about deployment. Well i would recommend dedicated servers, might also look into Amazon ES3 cloud. But really if you have to ask such a question my answer will not help you.

But you are probably asking how to build a MMORPG with panda3d and that is search able all over the forum. Also in the manual www.panda3d.org/apiref.php?page=NetMessenger ? All the MMORPG information is right here but if you cant see that it probably a good idea to build some thing simple first.

Actually - you answered part of my question. It looks like the Pirates On-Line runs in a ‘browser like’ interface, but it’s actually outside of an internet browser.

What is interesting me is how they get the installer down to the machines from the web browser. Any insight on this at all?

Thanks again!

You can just put your .exe file online at your website and make a link to it. Such as the panda3d developers uploaded the panda installer to a directory on the website and then linked to:
www.panda3d.org/download/panda3d-1.4 … -1.4.2.exe

Or isn’t this what you mean?

Thanks again for your response. Continuing along these lines…

Let’s say I have an initial deployment of an .exe to start the game up. Then, given various leveling activity, I want to download all of the assets that go with a given level (i.e. backgrounds, actors, music, etc).

Do the load methods (ex: loadModel) in the loader object allow me to load them from an ftp or internet address (ex: somewhere.com/myfile.egg)? In other words so I can just pull down the assets that I need for a particular level and now the whole game?

Thanks again for your help!

i would recommend putting the assets in zip or multifiles and downloading it to your machine where they are used.

One MMORPG - The Universal only downloads stuff when you see it individual model and texture at a time. If you go that approach i would recommend just downloading it and then using the loader on it like it does.

for multifiles and patching there is www.panda3d.org/apiref.php?page=DownloadDb

Great! Thanks again - it looks like the DownloadDb is what I was looking for!