Waypoints ?


How can I implement waypoints using Panda AI ?

Waypoints - paths defined in real time either by the game logic or by human players which the game objects follow.


nobody ???

What type of game or example are you trying to build? A waypoint can be anything, an object or a position. If you want game objects just to follow you can you use PandaAi’s “Pursue” and “Obstacle Avoidance” Waypoints are usually a pre-defined static type deal.

Hello Zester,

In an RTS game the human players get the ability to define paths that their units will follow in real time using mouse and also alter those paths as when required using mouse. I want to implement this kind of waypoints.

I hope I am making sense.


I don’t have the source code, but you can setup “arrive” behaviour to PandaIA (as zester said).

Ok, First, you have to know how do marks on terrain, then you need to put in a kind of “collection-class”, after, setup arrive behaviour of each parent model nodes, with some modifications if you want to their keep formation … you have a lot of work, but I can help you with something (C++ CameraHandler :smiley:) http://consultoriaconverge.com/p3d/rtsinputhandler.zip

@EdmundosTown: Thank you… :slight_smile: I will look into it.