Wanted programmers for a game

Hello guys! I’m Ferver and recently the game Toontown Online (Created in panda3d, panda3d created by disney for this game) has closed, i and other friends initialized a idea to remake this game, now we have a good progress, we have 20% of the game ready, we have 3 programmers on the team, we wanted more programmers for help us. If you’re willing to make that, contact on comments.
Our page on facebook are: facebook.com/toontownhouse
Our site to play the game with the p3d plugin is: toontownhouse.net


I’m an experienced Panda3D programmer and Blender modeller and scripter.
I lack knowledge in network and shader programming and C++.

I tried testing what you have so far, but I haven’t recieved any email yet.

There have been several other people and groups working on this. Search the forums to see if any of the projects are still active.

Luar, if you have facebook send me, else, send me your email or other type of communication.