vulnerable to hackers when running packp3d?

Is it possible in the very near future to make packp3d work without internet connection.
I fear that my pc may be vulnerable at that time, since each time I run packp3d, when I try to open a page on my browser it does not respond.
It is as though someone is trying to hack in.
Does anyone have some input on this?

Wait, you are running packp3d in a command shell, and while it is running, your browser is unresponsive?

That doesn’t sound anything at all like a hacker attack. That just sounds like your system is fighting for limited resources, either CPU, or RAM, or (possibly, but not likely) network bandwidth.

But to answer your question, packp3d relies on the internet connection because it must query the Panda3D servers to check the most recent version available. If you already have the most recent version (because you just ran packp3d already), it doesn’t do much more than a simple handshake–heavy downloads are only made the first time. So normally this shouldn’t pose a problem.


Ok Thanks
That’s reassuring.

Wait a second. Does this mean you need to have full-time internet connection in order to pack your project?

Is there no --no-version-check switch or something like this?

If it fails to contact the server, it will automatically fall back to whatever it last downloaded.


Ah okay, thanks. This is what I wanted to hear :slight_smile: