Vulkan renderer


As many of you may know, Khronos released the new Vulkan graphics API last week. It’s a low-level alternative to OpenGL that offers much more low-level control over the hardware, offering the potential of reduced driver overhead and allowing the engine to perform multi-threaded rendering. It is seen by many as the successor to OpenGL - which is over 20 years old at this point - since Vulkan fixes many of the perceived flaws with OpenGL.

Obviously, Panda needs to support this. So, I’ve been working on a Vulkan renderer for the past few days. I’ve made some tangible progress:

There’s still a long way to go! Because the API is much more low-level and verbose than OpenGL, it’s going to be a lot of work until we get to the same feature and performance level as our OpenGL back-end. I would welcome any contributions.

Development is happening on the Vulkan branch at GitHub:

DirectX11 support?



Nice! I can’t wait for what Vulkan can bring us in terms of performance!


It’s great to see this being worked on so soon after the release of Vulkan. Nice :slight_smile: