Vue 6/World Editor?

I’ve been reading up a lot about what’s needed to put together a decent size game and currently I’m at World Editor’s, etc. But I’ve been wondering, if you use a program like Vue 6, do you really need to make a custom World Editor?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Vue 6(I just know about it, not really much detailed info or how to use it very well), you can create vast terrain with it and then alter the terrain in a wide variety of ways. Adding objects to the terrain, such as trees, sky, water, etc. It’s pretty much what you’d want in a World(Or Level) Editor.

So anyone know why this wouldn’t work as your single source for editing your World or Levels?

Here is the link to their site:

By the way, they even have a personal learning edition you can get started with at no cost! Also, it even works with all the latest 3d applications such as 3dsMax, Maya, etc.

I did not find any Panda3D “potentially” export format below the version Vue6 Infinite.

So currently i’m a bit septic for the viability of using this as World editor.

You can export the height map and the texture map, I know that.

That’s one way of creating the terrain. I don’t know much more about the other types of “maps” and what it exports them to.