I know this has already been asked before.
I’ve read the forums.

I’m developing a voxel game (ala Minecraft) that is meant to use Panda3d. Just a personal project, nothing big and fancy like MineTest. What I’d like to know is: Should I use Geometry, or should I use a premade model? I want whichever approach you suggest to allow for collision detections using Panda’s API. I do not want to re-invent the wheel.

If you suggest the geom route, please point me towards some practical documentation. My google-fu is not working.

Thank you.

That depends how you plan to visualize the voxels. Do you plan on using boxes like minecraft, or smoothly?

I currently have a rough implementation of a minecraft-esque cubeworld that uses procedural geometry. You are welcome to take and use to your pleasing:

Thank you for your time. I am currently playing with brickfield source code.