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Thought this might be of interest to some:

…have a say on what volume 2 will be about. :slight_smile:


Well, i dont really care about what it is, my preference would be strategy/RPG, but i think that such subject should be covered later on.

More important is how you do it, i stopped following you since you fixed ship position via code instead of changing it in modeling software. And in my opinion that is just terribly wrong. Even more so because you stated you are trying to teach people software engineering, not just python/panda3d . Teaching someone software engineering and then doing something so wrong it ruins purpose of tutorials itself.


The ship model does have X/Y swapped around (and as a result P/R). By issue 5 all of the ship related code is in one class - encapsulated as it should be. The switch on x/y is then hidden from any user of that class. The class offers up an interface and the inner workings kept away - the “don’t know don’t” care black box approach.

It was just too early in the day to be opening up the likes of Blender and teaching 3d modeling. The emphasis is on coding a game - fast - using panda3d and python.

Editing the model itself has nothing to do with software engineering, most developers in a commercial environment would never even use a 3d modelling app - it would be handled by the graphics team. We have no such luxury.


darthrigg I have to confess your material is the best I have ever seen. Please continue the good work. We those have a beginner level in Panda3D appreciate your work, your way to teach, I am following each issue and waiting anxiously for the next to be released. I would like to see if it is possible an issue showing how to do a good menu system. I can’t figure out how to do this. Thanks.

We will be adding a menu system later in volume 1. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words!

GrizzLyCRO, I think that fixing some model on code doesn’t make one’s design a crap… I think although maybe it isn’t a good choice, it’s not even related to design. (unless he did it in a very very weird way).

I think his issues had many other important concerns, being that (model fix) of little importance in that context, as he stated. I just think it was a little odd you saying that the design was “terribly wrong” because of that. I think if he had named some class or method misleadingly, it would be much more of a reason than what you did state.

Well, about the model fix, I would stimulate everyone to use the awesome panda’s applications… I’ve been use some of that and I guess it’s underused by the community…
Something simple like shown below, would solve the problem that was stated as a bad design.

egg-trans -TR x,y,z -o fixedmodel.egg model.egg

This is just one example, there are many apps for many things.

Keep the good work darthrigg…

Sorry, i didn’t express myself very good. Its not that design is bad, but it is wrong way to do things that way (at least i think so). If i remember correctly, author somewhere stated that in his (private of sorts)version he fixed model and that he didn’t want to introduce blender(or other 3d tool, it doesn’t really matter much) so early in tutorials.

I am not sure if he stated that doing such fixes in code is not proper way of doing things or i imagined that :smiley:.

Main thing why i don’t like stuff like that is that someone might see such fixes and think that its normal to code like that.

@Gary, sorry if i sound rough and rude, that is not my intention at all, i am very grateful because you help in making panda more popular. I just wanted to help you by giving you input on stuff that can be improved.
Everything that i didn’t mention is very good/excellent :slight_smile:. I pretty much know most of the stuff you mention/use in your tutorials so i hope that in next series you will show us what software engineering means (how to properly organize our game code, how to use version control, what kind of commits are good, which are too tiny, which are too huge and need to be split in more smaller pieces).

GrizzLyCRO, now you made your point… The first post sounded very rude… (sorry for the misunderstanding too [although I think is acceptable given the way you writed it]).

Now I agree with you GrizzLyCRO. It’s good to see that kind of panda3d materials. And agree too with the last “what software engineering mean” part… I think some nice stuffs can be pointed out.

I already voted, but I think any of those options could be nice. =)

Keep the good work, and sorry for this side talk…

Understood. And thanks for the feedback - it is all welcome whether good or bad. Regarding the model fix - the feedback here has given me a small idea. Put with all the feedback I have gotten, I am thinking that a future issue should simply be “Readers Feedback and Errata”. The issue will address all of these concerns and more.

You are correct in that ideally the model should be fixed. I cannot argue with that… it’s just difficult to drop model fixing in Volume 1. I expect to be adding more model related material in Volume 2. Idea of 1 was to get people going quickly - most of the game assets are simply provided as downloads currently. The asset pipeline, however, does need more coverage in the future.

Thanks to all!