volunteering 3d artist

My name is Jay and I am a striving game artist I work with Maya 3D and I am currently trying to enhance my skills and knowledge for game art 3D creation. I would love to be of help to any project in developement and have my custom creations in any ones custom maps, mods, programming, etc. Even if you are just building your own game environment i would like to make a SIMPLE AND BASIC 3d asset for artist to put in the game or your map. I am still kind of a novice and have not yet reached organics yet but i have learned this much and all i can do from this day on out is to get better. If you have a small project in mind and would like some new assets created feel free to contact me and send me a short request and maybe a rough sketch or picture of what you would like created for your map. I am only one person so I reallly dont know how many request i will get but i can only make one asset at a time. For the fastest response whether you just have a question or request, its best to contact me directly at my personal website. I look forward to hearing from you creative individuals. Happy modding!


PS- I am NOT looking for pay or full time employment, i am volunteering and i just want to make things and have them put into other peoples projects so that i can become better at 3d modeling, also so that i can look back at projects years from now and see things that i made in game environments and say. . . . .yeah, i made that! :slight_smile:

Your site is not loading well, do you think you can post screen shots of some samples.

I were able to load you website, had a look onto your models, then I tryed to return to the “home” page, but it did not load anymore.

So I’ll ask here in the forum. I already have got some models for a FPS, but I am not good at texturing especially drawing textures by hand is not my strength :confused: . Are you good in that? :slight_smile:

I need quite everything tables, chairs, houses, whole maps :slight_smile:
I’d be very happy if you would be able to create some of them. I’ll add you to the credits for sure :slight_smile: .

Is Maya capable to export to blenderformat?

Yours, Filip Hasecke

What kind of models are you most keen on? Like animals & stuff, buildings & structures, tools and machinery, spaceships ?

Great to see an artist around!
How about some multipurpose models for the whole community? We really could use some better models in our sample applications or for a community model repository. Some dummy models like a human rig or a car would help many newcomers who often have no idea of modelling at all.

BTW, your website is really bad. You’d be better off with a CMS off the shelf. Feel free to ask if you need help there.

Have a nice day

Just took a look at your models, which was surprising with your site. And your models are just amazing. That could really get somewhere.

I think some thing like a dessert scene with a modular temple.

Some like 2 shrubs, 2 trees, 3 grass clump textures. Couple of sand textures.
Modules for template blocks, angle blocks, roof blocks. Maybe 3 decorative blocks. Fire stands. Couple of decal like textures for the inside or outside. Maybe some sort of grave/statue in side maybe even an animated mummy.

Then we could use them in many deferent panda3d samples and promote panda3d and have your at on the front page with your name.


so, any updates on this?

Ok, starting with the first real request:

panda environment
I’d like you to remake this model: panda3d.org/manual/images/4/43/Tutorial3.jpg . So a ~20x20 metres big area of asian jungle with a ~10x10 metres free space in the middle where you could put a panda model in and let the camera fluidly rotate around it without intersecting with obstacles. It’s important that the jungle outside that zone is dense, sothat you cannot really look out from inside.
I expect things like various vegetation, wood and maybe also rocks.

reference pictures:
flickr.com/photos/graffitije … 296324539/

technical info:
State of technology is same as in modern industry-level games set on highest detail level.
You are free to use high-resolution textures for diffuse-, normal- and specular maps. Do everything in hi-res, as it’s easier to scale the textures down than up. Prefered image format is PNG, but all other common are ok as well. Multiple textures and UV-layouts all ok. No procedural textures from modeling package!
No real polycount limit, but don’t overuse that fact. Remember that you can do details with normalmaps.
No prefered format, as long as you can convert and/or export to the most common ones.

What makes you guys think this person will ever show up again here?

well im not that absent from these forums i am an active member, but its just that i simply dont have the panda engine at my hands, i will be in and out of these forums, just as much as the other ones i have joined. .i find it quite funny that you actually think i would never come back to the forums . . . . this engine is not really havily advertised like the others that are advertised at GDC, and not only that but not many have heard of games going to the shelves due to the capabilities of this engine, this engine needs to be put out there more and have cool games made with it as well, so people can look at the game made with this engine and say "how was this game made, they will do research and ofcoures stumble across your technology(Panda). Its not about just having a engine, its more so about flaunting what the engine can do, and showing its “wow” capabilites, thats what UDK does, cryengine, and also torque and unity, ive seen some demo games on all of these engines websites and they have some pretty cool games up there that may not be for sale but they are “showing off the engine”.

@ nemisis#13
if you would be so kind to send this request to my personal email i can keep you on file in my email folder and get toy our request asap. i simply only take 1 request per requestee, after i submit your 1st request to you, we can deffinitely move on to your next request, i have a heap of request to take care of and i kind of forgot about you simply because you were not in my email. send me an email and lets talk . . . . . .


mail out

i think there lot of great things already done with this engine. :wink: and are still in working… but you are right, the panda community dont care much about the portfolio. its not the point of panda, thats why im like it. panda doesnt need to bluff. it just need to improve there egos :wink: all the other engines needs to bluff and sharing like a drug dealer free gifts. of course this way works, but panda works too. the community grows everyday. without sharing any special gifts. i have no idea which is the more clever way, but i think panda already started to choose the middle one.

if you can show us a wow, we will be happy. but its quite hard for me to trust your big words. :wink: although you all are beginners. i have already seen so many things… and heard so many things… display something nice and you win friends and enemies. by just using big words nobody will care about you. so be very carefully at your beginning.

Well it was about 2 weeks since you posted…


Happens quite often: people offer help and never show up again. Don’t take it personally.


Does it really matter for the programmer?

You mean eyecandy? Well we do need modellers for that, like yourself.

These are commercial engines, though.
They might actually PAY modellers and programmers to make demo games to showcase the engine’s capabilities.