Vista 64 bit

We have installed panda3d 1.53 along with Maya ultimate 2008 and when we try to run maya2egg2008 it complains that it can’t find foundation.dll. Things we have done and verified:

  1. the maya bin is in the system path

  2. we have run one of the exes in the maya bin folder from the command prompt (c:) and it finds it and runs no problem do I know the path entry is valid

  3. we have tried to use the maya plugin instead of the command line to no avail

  4. I even copied the foundation.dll file to the panda3d folder and in that case it finds it but then throws another error

any help would be great.


maya2egg, as compiled with the default Panda, tries to search for the Maya distribution in several different places within the Windows registry. It doesn’t search along the system path at all. This is necessary because you might have multiple versions of Maya installed, and it’s necessary to get the correct version, not whichever one happens to be first on the path.

However, this might fail if the windows registry is not correct, or if it’s installed in some new, unexpected place within the registry. It will also fail if you have the wrong version of Maya installed for the version of maya2egg that you are running.

Copying the Maya dll’s into the Panda3D location should work around this problem, provided the dll’s are the right version of Maya. You’ll need more than just foundation.dll, though; there are several Maya dll’s.


thanks for the reply.

I searched the registry and there were a few references to foundation.dll and they show the correct path. I then decided to copy all of the dlls from the maya bin folder to the panda bin folder. It stopped complaining about foundation.dll but then started getting an application error. “application failed to initialize correctly (0xc000007b)”

where does the maya2egg look in the registry for the maya information?

FYI: this is Maya 2008 64 bit service pack 1

thanks again for any help

Well, Panda is compiled 32-bit, unless you compiled it yourself. So you won’t be able to run it with the 64-bit Maya–that counts as being the wrong version. This explains both why Panda couldn’t find the dll’s itself, and why it crashes when you try to copy the dll’s into place explicitly.

You’ll either need to install a 32-bit version of Maya, or build a 64-bit version of Panda. Probably the first will be easier.