Virus Warning While Installing Panda3D

While installing version 1.9.1 a file was flagged as a trojan and deleted by my anti-virus program. The file was C:\panda3d-1.9.1-x64\nsis\stubs\lzma_solid.

I understand that nsis is an installer program. My question is can I safely ignore this and still use Panda3D or is it absolutely required that I use the nsis installer?



Screenshot attached.

It’s probably a false positive. I’ll see if we can make it go away by updating the nsis version that we ship.

You can delete it for now; nsis is only used when you are building a custom installer for your application using pdeploy.

Thank you for the reply to my question.

Then I won’t worry about nsis for now, since I have only just begun learning about Panda3D.