virtual remote desktop

hi guys, im sure you pro´s have lot of solution for this.

how about hardware graphic accelerartion via a virtual remote desktop. which tool you use for? which tool can fake a hardware acceleration?

i want to develop on two pc´s, but at somethings the software rendering makes my panda to crash (i think its related to the renderbuffer´s i use). so, how to get thing to run with hardware acceleration? i dont think the windows remote desktop is supporting a hardware acceleration fake.


Hm, I’ve been wondering that myself, but I doubt it’s possible in a cheap way, for the simple reason that every frame’s data will have to be sent from the GPU back to the CPU, which is an expensive operation.

It’s not the same thing, but VirtualBox provides hardware acceleration through OpenGL and DirectX. It doesn’t work very well with advanced 3D technology, though.

yes of course i could write a graphic stream for it. i think i have started with one a long time ago. sorry i forgot that. :blush: but im sure there must be a tool around which can handle this in a complete remote desktop tool.

Take a look at VNC:
Still, in every case you’ll need a fast internet connection and especially huge upstream rates on the host, even with all possible compression.