Virtual (interactive) museum

I’m looking for a viable platform to build an online virtual interactive museum.

It would include a cinema, interactive exhibits, and a gift shop.

Any comments on how good a fit Panda 3D might be for an initiative like that?

a museum is huge amount of content, so you need a engine which can handle this. panda fits perfect, also other engines do.

but you will find serveral reasons why to develop on panda.

  1. cross plattforming (and getting bigger, today i read about a port on wii)
  2. the framework is amazing big (panda isnt behind any commerical engine)
  3. flexible developing via python and c++
  4. a pretty good skilled and active community with the main course of kindness (ok im not kind but nice :smiley:, just kidding, but i still dont got bannend :smiley: , so the conculsion for me -> im maybe kind too)

    938495847738487. yes all your points are supported by panda

so i think, you would have fun at developing on panda your virtual museum. and im very curious what comes along…


panda is prefectly suited for that. i think someone already has done an art-room demo … thought it’s quite some time in the past.
cinema’s and interactive elements are no big deal. for gift shop… well if you want to make it a “real” shop like an online shop it gets a bit more intresting due to security and stuff. but you can certainly export something like a shopping chart and use it in a “real” security certified online shop.

True, about the gift shop, but Panda3d does have a built in HTTP library that can handle SSL. I personally don’t know anything about it, but I know Panda3D links against OpenSSL and I remember seeing it mentioned somewhere in the code about it sending HTTP requests.

should that be online or offline? panda3d 1.7 should come with a web-plugin that would make it possible to play it in a browser.

i have worked in group that created a “virtual museum”. it was a “deconstruction” of art that was shown, the pictures were “recreated” in 3d and animated pictures, visitors could walk around the virtual room and into the pictures. we had only 3 weeks time for the project so it was limited in size. i’d say panda is definately one of the better suited softwares to do that, because it features about everything you need to do this.

great replies - thank you!