Virtual Chat application


I am new to Panda. Just learning. My main goal is to build a Virtual Chat application. Is it possible with Panda ? How many users can server handle ? I want to learn out more networking, client - server with Panda.

Thank you all in advance

Of course it is!

that depends on your code, and your hardware. the number is virtually unlimited. Panda doesnt expose any artificial limits on you so. unless you stress your hardware too much, any number is fine.

Thank you for reply. So it depends only on server capability , if so that is great .

how to calculate Required CPU Speed per user . I have seen on one of servers (not Panda )

Up to 8 933 MHz
9 to 16 1.6 GHz
17 to 32 2.4 GHz
More than 32 3.0 GHz

Is it possible to calculate it ?

it’s almost un-calculateable unless you have a working application and some numbers on which you can base your calculation, such as traffic per user etc.
best thing you can do is to simply give it a try. if you only run a chat application you should be able to host a lot more players on a single machine than you listed.
your list seems to be somewhat approriate to first-person-shooter-servers which are required to respont as fast as possible to allow fluid gameplay.
that means like 20 sets of data per second to update player positions/headings/actions etc.

for normal chatting a single server might well be able to handle a lot more people. even if it’s a 3d-chat where people can walk around you can reduce the ammount of traffic a lot. sending updates once per second, or only on-demand is a lot less demanding.

if i had to guess i’d say you can easily multiply your numbers by 10 if not more. (depending on your implementation). cpu speed shouldn’t be an issue anyway. i’d guess your internet-hookup will choke long before your cpu limit is hit.

just give it a try :slight_smile: chatting is a quite “light” task for todays computers.

thank you a lot for a detailed reply