View/draw distance

Hi there…

I am currently creating a game. But I encountered a problem. When I start my .py script in can see my models and stuff. But when I look into the distance, it’s greyed out. I can’t look that far. How to solve?


Put this in your Config.prc file:

default-far 10000

or in your Python code:




You also helped me with the texture scale, but it doesnt work! It doesn’t rescale

This is my python script:

hm = loader.loadModel("mystuff/heightmap")
hmtext = loader.loadTexture('models/maps/hmtext.jpg')
hm.setTexScale(TextureStage.getDefault(), 10,10)

In that other thread, you first said it did work. I’m confused.

Anyway, that is the way you scale a texture, so perhaps there’s something else going wrong that’s making it look like it’s not working. Are you sure the heightmap model has uv’s at all? It’s surprising that you’re able to apply a texture with only a 0 for the second (override) parameter–if that works, it implies that the heightmap does not already have its own texture, which in turn implies that it doesn’t have uv’s.

If it doesn’t have uv’s, then the texture is not going to apply properly, no matter how much you scale it.