Vietnamese Panda3d Manual

I’m translating Panda3d manual from English to Vietnamese ,
It’s here …

It’s version 1.3.2 , I’ll try with 1.4.2 … :slight_smile:

Thank you for Panda !

wow good luck :slight_smile: Maybe i should try a Russian translation heh

i also translated most parts of panda3d manual to Chinese 2 months ago:
i think people prefer to read the original English version, especially those go to this forum.
but it’s a way to learn the manual for me at least:)

Err… that first link doesn’t seem to be valid any more… getting an error message there. (and the chinese one takes an eternety to load.)

However, thanks for the translations. Looks like you reached more than I did - I tried the german one but got stuck since I followed the tut word by word also trying out the demos in the text - well, whatever… have had a hard time and never finished it. :frowning:

If you want/need your files to stay persistent, you may want to use some of the Panda3DProjects space:
Thats dedicated to P3D and will most propably stay for a whole bunch of years… :wink:
And since I have the complete access to the machine I can at least move everything to another location if something wents wrong with the old space.

Regards, Bigfoot29

thanks bigfoot, i’ll consider to put my chinese translation onto when i have time. but i guess few people want to read it.