Video tutorials

#1: Installing Panda3d, Geany editor and running a “Hello World”.

Um, without sounding horrible… that video is nearly 3 minutes of installation screens. You install Panda, install Geany, open a python file and run it.

During all of this - there is no on screen text or audio to explain what you are doing and why. The audio is music and the video is just a screen capture.

Just my opinion - but it’s next to useless as it stands.

Add a vocal track or annotations.


Well, it ain’t very educational, but it shows pertty well how quick and easy you can get started with panda.

Without souding offended, but in a video about downloading and installing Panda3d and an editor and then testing the installation, what did you expect?

Yes, the title of the video is "Installing Panda3d, Geany editor and running a “Hello World”.

The video is as straightforward as it can get. It’s my opinion that there is no need for captions for this simple video, anyone who has ever used installers should know what is happening and if you are using a 3d game library, I assume you know how to use the keyboard and mouse.
Feel free to add audio or captions and reupload it, though.

I liked the wallpaper.

Fair comment. But with the thread title being “tutorial” I expected a little more is all.

Okay, I fixed the issues with the video.


Might someone who has a microphone be willing to replace the tts voice with a real one?

Good Collision tutorial, buddy.

Very informative and the visuals are very good.

Glad it could help you.

Here are few slides from the next video which should have been the first in order.

Okay here it is: … ideo_title

Sorry, it’s not as smooth at times as it should be.