Video driver reports that shaders are not supported.

I’m using a Nvidia GeForce Ti 4400, and I did some research and it says that I am able to use pixel and vertex shaders. Is there something I am missing in the config file that would enable me to run some of the demos that require shaders? I have the newest drivers from nvidia. I’d like to start using some of the shader demos, but haven’t been able to so far. Thanks for any help.

njeah same here, it’s true that geforce4ti series has shader support (very basic one).
some samples work if you comment out the line with the checks against shaders.
i think the motion trail and toonshader example worked for me. the glowshader did not (as far as i remember).
it always depends on the used shader and if the card supports the instructions.

Where would I find the line that checks for shaders? I’m fairly new to panda and don’t really know where to start looking.

hm… strange. i just checked all samples involving shaders and none of them worked on my gf4ti4200 (even after changing the code).
only the motion trail tut works but this ons isn’t using shader.
i could swear that at least the toonshader worked with my selfcompiled 1.3.0 , atm i have the 1.3.2 rpm.
dunno what happend or perhaps i mistook something.
if you still want to look for the lines you should look for this function
somewhere near this line you can mess around alittle to still start the programm and see if it works.

I commented out the line and now all I get is the grey screen without the text telling me I need a better video card.

I did a little reading last night and I found that the video card I’m using has pixel shader version 1.3. Is there a way to get panda working with an older shader version?


I’ve done a little research and I have found some mesh viewers that allow me to view an OBJ mesh with normal map displacement. Good news, at least now I can work on my scenes and view the results. This gives me hope that I will eventually be able to use what I’m making in Panda. I feel I should be able to.

Here is the viewer I am using.

In my non programmer opinion, shouldn’t there be a way to make panda work with my video card if other mesh viewers will load normal maps?

The fact that a card can do some form of normal mapping doesn’t mean that it has support for shaders. Normal mapping was available to developers before the high level shading languages came around. The Geforce 3 and 4 series had shader programmability through assembly, but even that wasn’t required to get normal maps working.

You could setup your texture environments in the correct way with extensions to get dot 3 bump mapping to work on those cards. I’m fairly certain that you could set that up in panda as well (without shaders). The real question is whether or not it’s worth it for a card that few people still use.