Video as a texture with alpha

I have a video texture that I’m trying to apply an alpha channel to (which is another video) but I can’t seem to combine them in such a way that the alpha channel works as intended (i.e. it’s transparent where required).

I know this sort of question has been asked before, and I’ve tried to follow the advice I’ve found on the forum and I still don’t seem to be getting anywhere. Specifically I’m trying to follow the advice here:

[url]Alpha Channel Video problem]

The two video’s seem to load OK, but the transparency doesn’t work. This is how I’m loading the textures:

self.beamupmovie = loader.loadTexture("BeamUp.avi","")
self.ts = TextureStage('ts')
self.ts.setCombineAlpha(TextureStage.CMReplace, TextureStage.CSPrevious, TextureStage.COSrcAlpha )

and this is how I’m applying them to the object:

box.setTexture(self.ts, self.beamupmovie)

I’m hoping that I’m doing something fairly basic wrong that I can fix quickly, but I’ve tried everything I can think of so I would be very grateful for any pointers.


After looking for hours managed to solve it within a few minutes of making this post. D’oh! I simply forgot to turn alpha on.

Here’s how I do it now:

self.beamupmovie = loader.loadTexture("BeamUp.avi","BeamUp.avi")