Very new to this stuff, need help.

Hey guys, I am very new to pand3D and quite honestly I’m at a loss of what to do. I started the tutorial and got along with it just fine, did the whole making the panda thing with the scenery, but, the only reason I did that is cuz, well, it was on the tutorial, telling me what to do, giving me the codes to put into the python script editor thingy. I want to know how I can do/make my own stuff with panda3D, I want to know where and how to use all the modules and whatnot. Thanks for your help guys, i really appreciate it.

Hi and welcome,

I’d suggest you start by learning Python, as this manual page suggests:

Ok, will do, I just so happen to have a book on Python that I was working through. I just wanted to know how to use Panda3D.

Well, what I suggest is that you come up with a simple game idea, and then start building that, one piece at a time, researching (primarily from the manual and these forums, I would imagine) the means of implementing those features as you go.

And I do mean a very simple idea - this should, I recommend, not be a project that aims to create a wonderful game, but rather one that aims to teach you the use of Panda. For example, perhaps aim to have two enemies, each capable of shooting at the player, a player avatar that is controlled via the keyboard, only moving on the z=0 plane, and capable of shooting in the direction in which the avatar faces. The player avatar should be stopped by walls, bullets should be destroyed by walls, enemies should be destroyed by bullets and the game should end when the player avatar is shot or the escape key is pressed (note that I’m suggesting a “one-hit-kill” game). There should be a single level, loaded from a model (other methods can be learned later, if desired, I think).

It’s not likely to be a pretty game, but it might help you to learn the use of Panda. :slight_smile: