Vertices with membership value of less than 0.05 are ignored

I have a more complex model that isn’t producing the expected animation when exported from Maya 2018 → Egg. I’ve managed to deduce the issue and subsequently created a simplified model that accurately depicts it. Attached is a plane with two joints and an animation.

The bottom two vertices of the plane have a weight paint of 0.0400 for joint2.

On frame 5 in Maya, this is the expected result:

On frame 5 in pview, this is the result:

When changing the weight paint of the bottom two vertices to 0.0500, this is the result–which is correct.

Attached are the expected and unexpected results:
unexpected_results.egg (3.0 KB)
expected_results.egg (3.0 KB)

Try lowering the value of the egg-vertex-membership-quantize configuration variable from the default value of 0.1. Set it to 0 to disable quantization entirely.