Vertice Limits?

Hello everyone.

I am making some models for a project in panda 3d. It is a space sci-fi game. I have some questions concerning performance and other miscellaneous items in panda 3d.

  1. How many vertices is considered “alot” of vertices? Like if one scene
    that is loaded all together has 50,000 verts, is that alot?
  2. Same question as in number 1, but with faces.
  3. Can panda 3d do things such as particles and rain simulators?
  4. How could panda handle grass?

Thanks everyone, please reply. :slight_smile:

What concerns performance, read this:
The amount of vertices or polys you mentioned Panda can handle without any troubles (of course, on suitable hardware, not some old integrated S3 videocard). Particles, grass, huge terrains, all these things are possible.

Thank you, are there any examples for things like grass and particles?

If you mean something like great looking examples or ready-made grass or fire, I didn’t see that (perhaps, someone could share?).

What concerns technology examples there are some in Code Snippets forum. These things can be easily made once you get familiar with Panda, Python and Cg.

Ok, thanks I will look into that.
Also, one last question, is it possible to do a real time weather system in
panda 3d? Like something with moving clouds and a sunset and sunrise?

(Forgive me if i am asking too much) :slight_smile:

You can definitely do it in Panda. There are some algorithms described in the Internet (here, for example: … clouds.htm). You just need to implement them in Python and Cg.

There is an example for grass (also one for particles, but I’m not sure.)

Look at the Nature Demo: