Vertex editing of a glb/gltf model

I have an obj file with 5000 vertices and 10000 faces. After converting it to gltf the vertex count is 3x10000 = 30000. I have a new values for these 5000 vertices. Is there a way to map these values to the gl;tf file loaded in panda3d ?

Hi, welcome to the community!

It sounds like the converter you used to convert .obj to .gltf has duplicated all your vertices, probably to be able to apply flat shading (which requires duplicating each vertex fro each face). Without knowing the specifics of the tool you used to convert .obj to .gltf, it’s impossible to say how this has reordered your vertices.

However, maybe you can associate some extra vertex data (like a vertex color) containing some kind of identifier that you can read out back in Panda3D so you know what the original vertex was.

Otherwise, if you know the original position of the vertex you’re trying to remap, you can just remap all vertices with position A to the new position B.