Vertex Buffer Arrays

Does panda use VBO’s?

What dll file ,for opengl, has the function
glBindBuffer and all associated calls with vertex buffer objects?
I can’t find it in
opengl32, glew32, glut32, or glu32 dll files.
All the c++ programs I see that use it have glext.h
I am making these calls from assembler and I have looked
for glext.dll but I don’t think it exists.
Can anyone help me?

AFAIK glBindBuffer is introduced in OpenGL 1.5 while Microsofts base implementation on all OS versions is OpenGL 1.1 (from 1996).

Glew is where I would look for help. You could use glewinfo.exe to find out what functions your version of glew supports. 1.4.0 (current) should have glBindBuffer.

Right, Panda uses glBindBuffer if it is available, and uses glext.h to identify it. There is no glext.dll. The file glext.h is simply a header file that defines all the symbols necessary to implement the OpenGL extension functions, which includes glBindBuffer.

I have no idea which DLL the function definition actually appears in, and this isn’t even defined by the OpenGL standard. If you stick to the OpenGL specs, you will use the appropriate extension mechanism to your platform, for instance, wglGetProcAddress(), to get a pointer to functions like glBindBuffer.

Note that, as enn0x points out, the OpenGL base implementation on Microsoft platforms is only 1.1, so it is entirely possible that your version of OpenGL does not even provide glBindBuffer. This is dependent on the graphics driver you have installed.


I have the latest drivers installed. I even tried downloading a new version
of opengl32.dll and found out it was the same version.
When I call glGetString(GL_EXTENSIONS)
it returns a string which says that I do support VBO’s.

If I searched through glext.h do you think I could find it?

How would wglGetProcAddress help? I don’t know much about that function.

Like enn0x said, search for GLEW (GL Extension Wrangler). It’s a 3rd party library that makes loading OpenGL extensions easy without messing around with wglGetProcAddress (a function for returning a function point from the OpenGL DLLs for specific extension functions).

Thanks guys for the help, it has saved me a lot of time.
wglGetProcAddress solved my problem.
Thanks a lot.