Version Problems

I use pview.exe to open BAM files. And I am having a problem with the versions. Which version of pview.exe will open which varsion BAM files?

You should use the version of pview that matches the version of Panda that generated the bam files in question.

If you’re trying to use pview to open bam files that were generated by someone else, ask that person which version of Panda he or she used to generate them.

If you’re trying to open bam files that were generated by some version of Panda that you don’t have any control over, for instance, you’re trying to peek into the Toontown models, well, we can’t really help you with that here.


How can you determine with wich version a bam file was created?

One way is to run the command bam-info on the bam file.

Of course, if the bam version is compatible with your version of Panda, pview will load it successfully; and if it is not compatible, pview will tell you.