version checking

How to check current panda3d version in the python script?

I installed panda3d from a .dmg file on OS X leopard and working now. But I don’t know what’s the version I’m using…Really stupid.

Anyone knows the way?

well there arent that many osx versions around. if it’s from a installer (.pkg) it will be quite a old version. If it got you a .app it’s eighter a 1.4.xCVS version or 1.5.0, if you tell me the name of the dmg i might can tell you more.

But i dont know how to check for the versionnumber of panda3d internally, i’d be interested as well to know that.

Simple, in UNIX shell:

head -n 1 /usr/share/panda3d/ReleaseNotes

and you have your version.

print PandaSystem.getVersionString()



I’m so glad to see what I’ve download is 1.5.2, the lastest.

I got the binary from this place: