Ver 1.6.0 or 1.6.1? WHich should I use?

Hi I have been trying to get anything 2egg to work and when I looked up my last error “Segmentation Error” I found a post that stated a bug in 1.6.1 and to use 1.6.0 until 1.6.2 comes out.

Is that true?

If so do I just dowload and run 1.6.0 and overwrite 1.6.1 or do i have to remove 1.6.1? I use ubuntu 9.04 and windows 7.

JB SKaggs

Depends. 1.6.1 is certainly more stable than 1.6.0, but in 1.6.1, x2egg is broken, and also, the Windows version can’t realtime-load files other than .egg or .bam.
But on the other hand, 1.6.0 has it’s bugs too. I hope 1.6.2 will fix all of those.

Well 1.6.0 crashed on ubuntuJaunty as well as 1.5.4 but I can run x2egg!

So I will have 1.5.4 running on Wolvix and 1.6.1 running on windows and jaunty- that way I can import the .x models and stll use panda3d.

Multidistros are great:)

JB SKaggs