what is the correct orientation of vectors in the space…

This way i have understood:

X axis (red) horizontal : left (negative), right (positive)
Y axis (green) vertical : down (negative), up (positive)
Z axis (blue) : backward (negative), forward (positive)

in others words, (x,y,z) but does not work… seems to be that panda has the order : (x,z,y)

I have made axis to orient myself into space with blender and panda:

Blender from “top” view (according to explained up)


Panda first view (without panning and rotating)

Seems to be that Panda rotates all the scene -90 degrees X axis…(now Z axis has the Y position)

Just want to “centre myself” to know what thing in what coordinates i moving it (e.x. in intervals)…

Do I’m forced to rotate all the scene before exporting into egg ?
Or maybe i was wrong with that schema, and the correct order is (x -hor ,z -ver,y -backforw).

There are programs that use Y-up coordinate system, while others use Z-up. Both are possible, there is no convention about it. Panda uses Z-up by default. I have just checked Blender: it uses the same…

The same, viewing from a side, that means Z is up and down… so correct system is (x,z,y) ? … in others words… panda never start showing from a top view… i guess.

x, y, z is always x, y, z :slight_smile:
Blender begins with top view by default, Panda - with front view.

haha, allright, x,y,z , understood…

I was imagining that first is the horizontal, then the vertical and then last dimension…

  1. |

  2. 3rd dimension

That according to values (x,y,z),

But as blender and panda use Z up, then i supposed to be (x,z,y) relative to the order 123. but results that is the same (x,y,z) just the orientation changes (z up).

now is clear… Thanks!

in Z-up mode,
[color=green]Y is forward, [color=red]X is right and [color=blue]Z is up

That schema uses quaternions rotation ?

nope. it’s all euler. quaternions are good for computation but they are hard to imagine compared to the usual stuff.