VC7 C++ Template


I created a visual studio 7.0 template project & setup using panda3d native with C++ and the VS IDE.

It needs the binary panda3d package for windows installed.

Its called “Make-Templates”. Copy it under that name in the
“samples” folder of your panda3d installation. To compile the
Template, you has first to delete the file dtool_config.h from the
/include folder of your panda3d installation. The make template
will include a own, right setted dtool_config.h.

You can find the whole thing here: htpp://

The debug setting will compile the source as console application so
output can be monitored. The release setting will use “subsystem:windows”.

The code of the module looks like this:

It will open a render windows with a default triangle inside. You can move
the triangle with the mouse. You close the program by hitting ESC.
(i like intelligent default settings - impressive stuff from panda3d).

But there are 2 problems:

First, its the header dtool_config.h.
This header is normally set by the python make. The problem is, that
this header is inside the /include folder of the panda3d binary package.
That is, IMHO, wrong. This kind of include source files are (or should be)
handled as static libs. Files inside should not be touched by a make process.
Perhaps this folder is part of a network? Or used by different compilers (what i did).

The point is, that VS7 is tricky in fetch the include files. The dtool_config.h
is implicit loaded in the line #include “pandaFramework.h”.
At this moment the compiler is inside the /include folder of the panda3d
lib and it will search there first for dtools_config. So, its not possible
to overrule it by our own copy (or is there a trick i missed?).

Whatever: A generated, make depending file like dtool_config.h should
not be inside that folder.

The second problem seems a lib or include problem i missed.
I had to include a “hacked file” from the project “fractalspline”
to avoid linking errors. But even with that files i got 3 warnings.

Any panda3d guru can help me there?

Without the bitMask.cxx file i get this error messages (german language
but it should be clear what it means):

When i add the bitMask.cxx from the fractalspline project i still got 3 warnings:

Must i add a bitMask class? Or have i simply missed the right lib or lib

Whatever: i am so far very impressed with panda3d.

I am the project leader of the MMORPG Daimonin and we are heading now for a 3D client for our game. The server & project itself is far more sophisticated as the current 2D frontend and softscrolling and 3D graphics will allow us to show it.

You can have a look to our project here:

Seems i missed the login buttons…

Oh, i misstyped the download link for the template: