Various questions about Panda3D

Hi, I’m experimenting some pause & resume code written by ynjh_jo
([url]pause/resume scene (intervals-tasks-actors-sounds-movies)]), and i have some questions.
(Sorry for the slipshod title. It was too difficult to choose.(It’s just like naming hundreds of variables))

#1. I’m using Windows 10 x64, i5-5200U intel graphics, Panda3D-SDK-1.10.0pre-18874fa-x64,
and while running this code, if i press spacebar(==if i pause this), this warning occurs.

Is it normal situation? (Codes are attached below)

#1-1. How you guys update pre-build develop version of Panda3D SDK on Windows?
Remove on Control Panel and re-install it or overwrite (install new version SDK without uninstall previous version) it?
(I thought installing upper version of Panda3D SDK without uninstalling may very dangerous, is it true?)

#2. How about adding native Pause & Resume functions in Panda3D?
Panda3D is a game engine, and most of games need Pause function.
How do you think about adding it? (711 KB)