Using .x Models

Ok, first i would like to say that i have been reading these forums for days and now i have registered, as Panda3d seems like a good base to start programing from for my new game. I have done games in the past although never in such depth and this will be my first 3d game.

I am using 3ds Max 2010 and have been for a bit now. I noticed that there is not a working exporter for it yet to go to .egg but i saw in the forums that you can use .x which I have the exporter for. Now this is really my first time making anything using Panda other than going through the Manual and doing the basics there (which are all .egg).

I went to use a .x instead of a .egg and i noticed you cannot just use the same python code for this… I tried to see if this was brought up before but couldnt find it. How do i go about using a .x model in Panda3d with python?

Ok so i read some more of the forums and apparently its a bad idea to use X files just due to the fact that it has to convert them anyway so i will use x2egg found in the Panda Bin file to convert them then use them. since im using 1.6.2 it should work according to everything but i hope the get the 3ds max add on is on time for the 1.7.0 version

Importing .x files without converting them manually with x2egg is fine for early developing so you shouldn’t worry about that too much. Also, there isn’t much of a difference on the code side which format you use, the same actor or loader method will work.

ok but i was getting an error i just did it again and it worked fine lol I guess I wont convert them for now.