Using .x models in Panda3D

Hi everybody,
I made a simple model of a normal box in blender.
I saved it as an .X format, and then i wanted to view it with Panda3D, so i used te following code to show it:

import direct.directbase.DirectStart
import sys,os
from direct.showbase import DirectObject

objBox = loader.loadModel("models/lala.X")


But when i run this program, i get the error:
AttributeError ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘ReparentTo’

Is this erro because i simply can’t use .x files.
If so, how do i convert the .X file to a .EGG file.
I trie to use x2egg, but without any succes,
Maybe anyone knows the right syntax to use for x2egg?

Greetings, Nico

x-file parser was broken for quite some time. it got fixed for the 1.5.3 release which is about to be released very soon (this week if everything works out).
if you use blender concider to use the chicken exporter to directly ecport to egg files. its the more recommended way to do blender->panda.

… but even though it’s half-broken, it should still work, but throw different errors.

Rather, the error you are getting means it wasn’t able to find your file. Are you sure the location is correct? Also, note that in Panda3D, paths are case-sensitive.

The x2egg problem you are having as well is probably related to the problem that the x-file parser is indeed broken, and fixed in 1.5.3 which will be released quite soon, as ThomasEgi already pointed out.