using .x animations in Pview

First of all,I’d like to say that I have looked at a few 3d engine scriptable with Python, and Panda3d seems to be the best!!LOving it!

Anyways…my question concerns pview.I want to preview my .x animations(from Blender) using pview.I’m getting the models to load fine now(AFTER REMOVING ALL THE “.” FROM THE NAMES OF ALL THE MESHES,TEXTURES,etc in the .x files!!!just figured this out)Pview won’t load the animations when I start pview.It says in the manual that I have to load the file “pview mymodel.egg myanimation.egg”.So…the question is .how do I split of the animation section from the .x file.If I figureout where i screwed up myself,I’ll write back and apologize for wasting everybody time,but any help is useful