Using Trenchbroom as a level editor!

I at least managed to do it! But, this is nowhere near good enough for prime-time. I have some options now.

I can learn from qodot and figure out how to port similar logic to a panda3d import (this is where im heading).

or, package up the tools needed and apply it as a compile chain in trenchbroom! This would also work but is heavy on the user.

Why am I talking about this?

Because trenchbroom is an amazing level editor capable of defining metadata that can map to gameplay classes etc. very very quickly. It can effectively serve as a solid level editor for panda3d.


Alternatively one could look at adding gltf export support to trenchbroom but the author is on record denying the feature. He doesnt want to get pull requests for arbitrary generic features to get in the way of the projects original goals. That said, one could probably fork it and do it anyway.

Sorry ive gone quite… but…

Its with great pleasure I present, native trenchbroom support! I was able to port libmap from qodot over to python and panda3d!!

There is a ton of work to do to support entities naturally. But it IS coming. From there, you can legit make games using just tb and panda3d. =D

Once I have collision generations functioning and entity mapping, ill package it up for everyone.


Here it is!!!

I need to put a bow on it on some stuff. Like explaining how to set up tranchbroom for generic game editing and how to make your own .fgd entities and package it in a pip. But its working!


man i just realized i typed libmap… lol

Edit: Fixed

This is awesome. I haven’t used trenchbroom yet because it was missing gltf-export but this is even better. I’ll give it a whirl! Thanks.

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Is there entity group/brush entity support planned? i like to group my brushes for elevators, doors, barriers(with different collision layers when i’m using godot) & more to make it easier to move just those brushes. in the meantime, i’ll use godot for 3D games

or i could export my maps into blender

Hello! Ive not been working on games lately, so its unlikely I add features. Its structured well enough to be able to add features!

idk how to add group support though…

Me either! You can point me to the grouping functionality in trenchbroom and i can check it out.