Using tkInter with Panda - closing a window

I’m writing a board game in Panda and using a tkInter window to collect setup information; i.e the players’ names and so forth. The problem, though, is that the window won’t close properly when I’m finished with it. When I call self.quit(), it just stays there. Moreover, if I force a redraw by moving the window, all of the widgets disappear. I can still use the Panda window okay, but this could pose more complicated problems later when I need to open up a tkInter window at multiple and different times, for example. Any way to get it to quit properly?

Don’t use tkInter you just asking for problems. Write your own ingame UI.
On my system (linux) it does many odd things and crashy. I think tkInter was integrated more for panda3d tools then games. And the most important thing it looks ugly!