Using the Panda3D logo

I’ve done some searching around, but found little concrete here–but then, I’m not always good at searching, so I may have missed something relevant! ^^; (I even have a memory of having asked something similar before, but I don’t see such a thread in my activity-list…)

I’m working on a new trailer for my game, and want to include a credit to the effect of “made using Panda3D”/“powered by Panda3D”/something similar, ideally alongside the Panda3D logo.

However, while I’ve found a few threads–often fairly old–asking after it, I don’t see an official source from which to acquire the logo.

Presuming that using the logo in this way is acceptable, is there a source for the logo?

It does not fit?


I have the original .psd file if needed.

This is the logo plus text for on a dark background:

Ah, thank you both! :slight_smile:

(I’ll likely use the dark-background version for my purposes; I might crop the text, depending on just how I decide to word the credit.)

More generally, would it be worthwhile having an official page from which to download such elements? (Presuming that we don’t have one that I’m simply missing!)

I’m curious: Where did you find that?

Navigate the cursor on the logo in the header of the site, and click to open the image in a new window. So you can get any image of the site :slight_smile:

Aaah, I see–that does make sense! Thank you for the answer. :slight_smile:

Although I’m not sure that I’d be comfortable in doing so, as such assets may not be under permission to use!

You can use the assets with the Panda3D logo in them. I promise I won’t sue you.

Hahah, fair enough! I do prefer to have something officially made available for such use, but I’m grateful that I may so use website assets. :slight_smile: