Using python-for-android to build panda3D for android

Hey everyone. So I see that there’s great effort being undertaken to bring panda3d to android in a production ready way, and currently, the pipeline is being handled by Panda3D itself. However, what if we outsource rhe build process to python-for-android (p4a). I’ve been using kivy and kivymd to build mobile apps in python and p4a does a great job packaging the apps for android. p4a is highly extensible and I’m sure there’s a way we can leverage it as a tool to build panda3d game.

but Panda3D Virtual Filesystem does not use the same packaging as p4a for assets ( see “private.tar” and python-for-android/troubleshooting.rst at 41c6cc07dbbf0405a71098d46c38d2e33334c5da · kivy/python-for-android · GitHub python-for-android/ at 846d80d75be1201989e7fc2484b870d47745a918 · kivy/python-for-android · GitHub )

also minimal API supported by Panda3D is way lower than those p4a can offer without more patches to CPython

I’m certainly not opposed to looking into making it possible to package Panda3D applications using buildozer.

We’ve been looking into just adapting Android support into our own build system because the idea is that we can package for many platforms using the same system. At this point it is very close to being production-ready.