using pstat


I am trying to use Pstat, but It doesn’t work for me (probably my fault).
I start pstat.exe first, next I launch my panda program ( containing:

loadPrcFileData('want-pstats', "1")

I have no pstat gui starting? am I right in the use of pstats? Or I need more? I read the manual, but no light on my head :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you

Try to put PStatClient.connect() somewhere in your code.

Is your call to “loadPrcFileData” placed above any importation of DirectStart or instantiation of ShowBase? If not, have you tried placing it so?

Connect was the right thing. Thanks

For the record, there was a typo in your original call. The correct call:

loadPrcFileData('', 'want-pstats 1')

would also have done the trick.