Using GameSWF or any flash player with Panda for GUI

Ogre has a great integrated version of GameSWF ( available as a module called OgreSWF ( &
I was wondering:
[color=brown]A) if something like OgreSWF exists for panda and I overlooked it
(I saw one forum post… that I can’t find again… that had someone mention GameSWF as a possibility for flash GUI but seemed to suggest there wasn’t anywork done on making it work with panda)
[color=brown]B) what would it take to create it or what should I do to integrate GameSWF (more on this below)

I know it’s based on openGL and that panda has pandaGL (a modified openGL) or something like that and to me it seems like it might be easy to make the two play nicely together. However I have only a very very basic and rough understanding of C++ so I’m not very well suited to the task. If it turns out that this is a large undertaking I may have to abandon it for my project. Any pointers, clarification, or help would be appriceated.

other options/inspiration ( less likely):
Flashticle (python):
Fluix (XNA):

thanks in advance, Regis

PS. I hope this is the appropriate place for this, I figured that any merge would involve the source of either panda3D or GameSWF (though it’d be great if it didn’t)


what you are suggesting is close to impossible, but we like doing the impossible right?

well i wish you best of luck!

If you want to use SWF in a editor , not for in game display maybe you can use the basic xml-rpc or linda stuf.

Ie your SWF application drive your Panda application via RPC or via network …

Was wondering if any progress has been made with this as I have worked extensively with Adobe AIR and I would be able 2 open a flex app as my menu and just pass the commands back to python using XML or AMF is this possible?