Using .fbx extention animations

Is there a way to use .obj and .fbx files for actor and its aniamtions. I’m making my animations in blender is there any other way to use them??

I’m not sure offhand about obj and fbx files–it may be that there’s a way. However if you’re using Blender and don’t mind a change of format, then you can export to gltf or egg, both of which support animation.

That said, do perhaps wait to see whether anyone else a response to obj and fbx files specifically.

I wanted to add that format .obj does not support animation data.
Concerning.fbx is not a popular format, but there have been attempts to add its support to community members.

At the moment, it is not known at what stage this tool is.

You can directly load .fbx or .obj models using loader.loadModel.

However, I don’t know how well the animation support is for these formats. I recommend importing your models into Blender and then exporting through gltf and loading them with panda3d-gltf.

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