Using Disney's and Carnegie Mellon U' in webpage? Licensing?

Hi, on my website where I will embed my p3d game, I have several users deathly afraid to install anything… I was wondering (from a ‘your legal perspective’) if it would be okay to include a header like this on my website:

You need the Panda3D web plugin developed by Disney and maintained by Carnegie Mellon University to play this game.

Download it here: link

Does this sound okay with the licensing? I know BSD mentions alot about ‘No mention of Disney or Carnegie Mellong University without strict written permission’

I know none of you are probably lawyers, so personal opinions of if I will get in trouble doing this would be of great help :stuck_out_tongue:

That should be fine.

You’re probably worried about this section of the licence:

But because you’re linking to the software itself, rather than linking to derived software (e.g. a version of the plugin that you modified), it is no problem to use the name of CMU or other contributors in this situation.

Yes this was the section I was worried about! I should have quoted it :laughing:

That makes much more sense, thank you very much! :smiley: