Using C/C++ Libraries or dlls

Hello I am new to Panda3d. I heard about it on a blender forum about a year ago but never gave it a try until last week. That is I downloaded and installed it and am in the process of reading the docs.

Is there a way to use static libraries or dlls that were written in C/C++ in a panda3D program. Specifically I would like that write my 3d environment/game in pand3d and use raknet for the networking functions( BUT be able to access the raknet features from within a pand3d program


I did mean using those libraries in your panda3D program WITHOUT having to complile panda3d from the source code.

I believe pview was done like this. If you download the source its at panda3d-x.x.x\panda\src\testbed\pview.cxx

Ive not tried anything like this yet as Im still learning how panda does things. Python really helps speed up the learning process :slight_smile:

Have fun!

I think I got the wrong end of the stick - Im very tired.

Panda3D can be used either through C/C++ or Python.
If you intend to go the python route then you will need to create python bindings for raknet. I had a quick look on the rakkarsoft site and they do not supply them, so you will have to create your own python package for it.
Ive not done that before, but would also be interested in this as it looks like raknet could be fun to play with.

Have fun!

Ahh… bindings… OKEY DOKEY( like I know what that is. :laughing: ) I am just starting out with C++. I learned C about 12 years ago but then put it aside as other things like life,love and eating took more importance. But If I will look into it. If you find something out please PM me and I will do the same for you.

I was wondering if anything new was discovered on python binding.
Anything will do, maybe some examples?

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if you are looking for a raknet python binding try the raknet forums
looks like some basic bindings are already done
seems like there is a project homepage too: