Using bins for performance analysis with pStats?

I would like to get more information out of the “draw” category in pStats. I figure I could create bins and drop objects of certain types in the bins to see how much time is spent on each type of object (level, characters, etc).
My question is: is this wise? Can I do so without actually messing with the render order (or at least do so in a way that does not affect performance and appearance)?

You can do this without much impacting performance, but it will certainly affect your render order, since the primary purpose of bins is to control render order.

But, more to the point, it may not give you the information you’re looking for. The time shown in the “draw” category for a given bin is the amount of time Panda requires to issue the draw commands for the geometry in that bin, which is roughly proportional to the number of objects in that bin. But the amount of time it actually requires to draw these objects isn’t known (the driver will queue up all of the draw commands and continue drawing them until the next frame begins).

So, depending on what it is, precisely, you’re hoping to measure, this may or may not be the best approach to do so.


This turned out quite well, and only a few lines!
I’m not looking for time spent after the data is transferred, so I believe that the information I’m now getting is exactly what I needed.