Using a webcam interface

[b]I need some help on using panda3d for a interactive card game. Basically I need to know how Panda can view what the feed of the camera is on the screen and if it can compare objects in it’s range with other image files for recogniton


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There’s nothing built into Panda to process camera images. Panda’s a 3-D rendering engine, not a computer vision engine. :slight_smile:

But the chances are pretty good that someone’s ported a computer vision engine to Python, which would make it awfully easy to use it in a Panda application. This wouldn’t be the forum to ask about that, though. Try asking over at the Python forums, or just Googling around for such a thing.


I happen to know that OpenCV is a great open source computer vision library made by Intel. You can probably bind that into Python using SWIG.