useless traceback

All it gives me is panda3d stuff
how do i get more out of it to fix my game
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “direct.showbase.ShowBase”, line 1801, in __ivalLoop
File “direct.interval.IntervalManager”, line 96, in step
File “direct.interval.IntervalManager”, line 124, in __doPythonCallbacks
File “direct.interval.MetaInterval”, line 518, in privPostEvent
File “direct.interval.MetaInterval”, line 494, in __doPythonCallbacks
File “direct.interval.Interval”, line 209, in privDoEvent
File “direct.interval.SoundInterval”, line 98, in privInitialize
File “direct.showbase.SfxPlayer”, line 76, in playSfx
File “direct.showbase.SfxPlayer”, line 97, in setFinalVolume
AssertionError: _error_type == ET_ok at line 515 of c:\users\user\desktop\github\panda3d\built\include\nodePath.I