Usage of Panda3D: Python vs. C++?

Hello! I am not new here I am actually the re-incarnation of @panda3dmastercoder in a new account, because literally everywhere online I have this username, and I wanted to change my username on that old account by I forgot all credentials :stuck_out_tongue:

Any ways, I wanted to ask, is there any reason I would want to use Panda3D with C++? According to ChatGPT, the Panda3D API is more full fledged with python, but I am more comfortable with C++, and it is less resource heavy as well. So what are the advantages/disadvantages/limitation of Panda3D with C++?

Hi there! I’d be happy to help you recover your old account if you prefer.

The main reason why I would prefer Python for prototyping is that things just take longer to program in C++. Add to that the whole compile/run cycle being longer, and debugging things being harder / taking longer to figure out when things crash, and it just generally pays off in terms of time of development to pick Python instead.

On top of that, the documentation for Panda3D is mostly geared for Python. You’ll be on your own regarding figuring out things in C++. There are also some parts of the API that are only available in Python - generally there are alternatives in C++, but those can be a little harder to use or a little bit more poorly documented.

If you are already proficient with C++, you should have no trouble picking up Python. So it may be worth giving it a shot. It’s always possible to go back to C++, or rewrite parts that are slow in C++. Easier than the other way around.

Of course, if you are insistent on using C++, it’s certainly possible, and we’ll try to help you if needed. :slight_smile:

As a side-note, I wouldn’t recommend relying on ChatGPT to be accurate; it can, I believe, sometimes produce output that is plausible-sounding but false. (In general, not specifically with regards to Panda3D or programming.)

I am proficient in both Python and C++ and I used to use Python for Panda3D before, but for a while now I was studying C++ and I made a fair amount of projects in C++, so I want to see if I can program games using Panda3D as well. I have no issue switching back to python but I just wanted to know if there were some disadvantages that C++ has before I went into it.

As for the account, my new one is fine since this one is linked to me email which is in turn linked to everything else.