Upgrading Panda to python 2.5

Is there a quick way to transplant the python version installed in the last panda api to the new python 2.5?

There are features in the new python like that interest me very much. I could use ctypes to interface with the CLIPS to create behaviors for my game agents, for example.


Sorry for interrupting, what is CLIPS? only CLIPS i know is a research Lab in France :frowning:

CLIPs is used in AI to model behaviors with rules:


A rule is a sort of IF-THEN instruction with the difference that each rule has a flag that tells if it was use or fired. If it was used the rule is disabled until this flag was cleared and then it can be used again.

When we have hundreds of rules like this CLIPS optimizes the entire stuff with a network that speeds the process considerably.

If we have several agents like space ships or alien lifeforms each one with his own list of rules to decide what the agent is supposed to do it pays off to use something like this.

It’s also very scalable. Suppose you allocate N cycles per frame for the game to execute their rules. You just tell CLIPS to execute (run N) and CLIPS starts firing and clearing rules and putting facts in his memory. At the end we query his database of facts to see if decision has been made and we translate this into an action.

I think lots of c++ parts of panda are tied to python2.4 for now.
you can still use ctypes in python2.4.

Ops i found what i was looking for. The site was down when i Googled it so i thought this was one of those dead projects. The python binding to clips.


Any chance to have a new Panda released binding to 2.5? Even if it was just to link to the latest Python version.

You can download Panda and compile it yourself for Python 2.5, though unfortunately if you are running on Windows this may be difficult. Python changed the way it handles module imports with version 2.5, which breaks the way we are currently importing Panda. (Specifically, they disallowed the importing of python code from files named with a DLL extension; now compiled Python code must always come from a file with a PYD extension). We will have to completely restructure our build rules to make Panda work with Python 2.5 on Windows.

This does not apply to Linux or OSX, where there is none of this nonsense with DLL and PYD extensions.